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Welcome to Children Are Royal


Dear Visitor,
Thank you for your interest in CAR and the well-being of children around the world! By visiting this site, you may or may not be aware of the millions of children who are in need of support from individuals like you.
Creating nurturing environments for orphans allows them to express themselves and explore opportunities for growth and development. The commitment to create better realities for these children was conceived in 2012 during a routine visit to Nigeria.
Children are the future. We believe more can be done to give these children hope of a better tomorrow.
We live in a world where each person should have an equal opportunity to dream, enjoy what life has to offer, and succeed. Unfortunately, millions of children are orphaned and raised by non-family members. Due to their circumstances, many of these children are not afforded the opportunity to live out their full potential. As individuals, I believe it is our responsibility to take care of innocent children, especially those whom have no control over their situation.
The support of individuals like you can make a significant change in the lives of children worldwide.