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Mission Statement

Children Are Royal is a non-profit organization that supports orphanages in Nigeria (West Africa) by providing assistance and resources, so that the children can thrive and succeed.

Our Cause- CAR was formed with a passion for helping children of our motherland. Our board is comprised of teachers, businesswomen, lawyers, doctors, and other healthcare professionals with a common goal…To help not only children of Nigeria but to also assist children around the world; they are the key to the future.

Our Action- We provide resources, support, and assistance to various orphanages in the form of food, clothing, educational and medical resources, and through maintenance and management of infrastructure.

 Our Impact- Our goal is to improve the welfare of at least one orphanage a year and change the lives of as many children through our resources and programs. To be able to provide them with a warm meal at night, constant electricity, and quality education and healthcare. Our prime focus is to make a difference in their lives. That’s our goal!


We want to be part of the solution. Who’s with us?